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A career-minded Sales Executive behind maranGraphics, and the Pocket Cocktails brand with over 250,000 Social Media Followers and 20+ Million Social Media Impressions. Skilled in all things tech including branding, influencing, and fluent in social media.

I created this entire website by myself including all WordPress/DNS/PHP installs.

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  • Skills
    Sales, Web Design, Marketing, Social Media, PR
  • Website
  • Strong experience in marketing and selling books and apps
  • Expertise with Social Media, nearly 250,000 Facebook Followers
  • Over 9 Million Monthly Unique Pinterest Viewers
  • 20 Million+ Monthly impressions on Social Media
  • Created Marketing & PR campaigns picked up in Canadian and US publications and tv shows
  • Experienced with cold calling and making in-person sales calls and presentations
  • Outstanding knowledge of selling and articulating the value of Services to customers
  • Exceptional knowledge of online & social media advertising
  • Deep knowledge of working within both functional and cross-functional teams
  • Experienced in creating decks and advertising proposals for large customers
  • Can design my own professional decks using Photoshop and Powerpoint/PDFs
  • Proficient in developing new account opportunities
  • Excellent computer skills (WordPress, Photoshop, Microsoft Office)
  • Excellent ability to work in a fast-paced team with deadlines and a desire to work hard


If you are looking for someone who can provide you with one-stop personal attention to creating a Professional Website for you or your business, I can do this for you.

I can create a website for you turn key, from securing your website name, developing the website and performing graphic design, illustration, search engine optimization and photography.



I use WordPress to setup websites. WordPress is very powerful & extremely flexible, its the best way to tailor a website so it is setup exactly how you want it. I will secure your website URL, do all of the setup, & integrate a tailored theme for you.


The vast majority of internet traffic comes from mobile phones, its important that your website is setup to look great whether your customers are on their phone, tablet or their computer. I will build your site so it looks great on all devices.


I will integrate your social media accounts, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and any other platforms you are using. Also your phone number is always available so you can be reached with one tap wherever your user is on your site.


I will set up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help bump up your page rank when users are looking for your site. I can also install analytics software to help you understand who your visitors are and how your site is being used.



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I offer a $199 up front charge for my services to build 5 pages on your site, additional costs are a one time fee for your website theme and the cost to purchase the URL for your domain name ($20 for the first 2 years)
Going forward I charge $20/month for web maintenance which includes a free hour per month of updates and includes all hosting fees to host your site.
When you call me, you call me! I take pride in offering you personal one-on-one service. My business depends on happy customers, i will do everything i can to make your website a big success.
If you need more pages, or more advanced features (i.e. integrating e-commerce), i can do this too for a reasonable fee, please contact me to discuss your requirements!
You supply your content and I will build your site with it! If you need any additional design work, i can provide this at a reasonable fee.


About Me:

Proof is in the Pudding
This website was created by me. Feel free to check out the tabs on the left hand side of the page to find out more. This website was designed to work well on mobile and desktop.
I am extremely proficient with design and Photoshop, which are fantastic resources to help build your site the way you want it.
Social Media Veteran
My Pocket Cocktails Facebook page is approaching a quarter of a million followers, I am well versed with social media and can help you navigate these waters from my personal experiences.
I want to Help!
Feel free to contact me at anytime with any questions you have about my services!

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Web Design

I am fluent in responsive design, analytics and well-crafted design. Excellent in Photoshop.


I built this site entirely by myself in WP, turn-key. Did the Install/DNS/databases, design and creative/coding

Analytics & SEO

Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Monster Insights, Exact Metrics, Yoast, HootSuite


From storyboarding to publishing, I’ve been there and done that with millions of downloads of my own apps!


F-Stops and SLRs are a few of my favorite things. Thousands of my pictures are in MILLIONS of printed books worldwide!

Elite GEEK

Software can be troubling at times, I can fix many issues that crop up with decades of troubleshooting experience.


Click Here to check out my C.V. in PDF or click on the image below.


President - Pocket Cocktails

2008 to present

  • Over 5 million app downloads.
  • Sold one of the first ever app sponsorship deals with Grey Goose Vodka.
  • Over 250,000 Social Media Followers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Over 20 Million Monthly Social Media impressions.
  • Worked within Apple Store framework to maximize sales performance.
  • Created Press Releases that were picked up by Canadian and US media outlets.
  • Featured in New York Times, People Magazine & Entertainment Weekly Magazine.
  • Featured in Food & Wine, The Dummies & the Doctors TV Show.
  • Spearheaded production of derivative works in Kindle Books and Poster Sales.
  • Highly adept at SEO and Analytics.
President - maranGraphics Inc.

1989 to 2008

  • Led the largest computer book publisher in Canada to over 10 million books in print.
  • Helped sell Translations in over 20 languages.
  • Published best-selling lifestyle books including cocktails, guitar, piano, algebra, cooking.
  • Published New York Times Bestseller on Windows 95.
  • Worked with sales team to place products in Costco, Indigo, Staples and Best Buy.
  • Sold Millions of Dollars in books through Direct Corporate Sales.
  • Achieved ACSE and MCSE, which were invaluable for publishing computer books.
  • Interfaced with senior management teams at Hungry Minds (The Dummies).
  • Performed Marketing and PR for our books at John Wiley and Sons.
  • Headed Canadian sales team working with Prentice Hall Canada.


  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engingeer (MSCE)
  • Apple Certified Systems Engineer (ACSE)
  • Canadian Securities Course
  • Advanced Social Media Certification


York University

Micro and Macro Economics


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For more information about  me or Pocket Cocktails, please get in touch!